4.20: The Ultimate CBD Guide - SWAGGER Magazine

4.20: The Ultimate CBD Guide - SWAGGER Magazine

It’s time to relax into 4.20! The team at Swagger Magazine have rounded up the best and most innovative CBD products on the market. Whether you need items that will…

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From the first company to plant legal hemp in over 40 years, Ananda Hemp brings you the only true full spectrum, seed-to-shelf vertically integrated, third-party lab tested, 100% made in America CBD Oil. This is not your grandma’s cannabidiol.

Extracted in the industry’s first and only LEED Platinum+, cGMP facility (less than 20 miles from the hemp fields) utilizing proprietary technology, Ananda’s process boasts the unique ability to maintain the cannabinoid ratio as it exists in hemp – not to mention hundreds of other potent phytonutrients.

Among these nutrients are amino and essential fatty acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and terpenes. Also present are Cannflavin A and B – shown in clinical research to offer 30x the potency of aspirin for inflammation relief.

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Ananda’s distinctive approach to CBD results in a highly efficacious, ultra-potent formula trusted by thousands. Ananda Professional (sister company to Ananda Hemp) is the #1 brand trusted by pharmacists nationwide. If it’s good enough for pharmacists, it’s good enough for us.

Certificates of Analysis are readily available on Ananda’s site, viewable by typing in the batch number on the back of each bottle in their COA lookup tool. With routine checks for hundreds of contaminants, Ananda vaunts the most rigorous and extensive laboratory testing profile we’ve seen.