Israeli forces kill two Palestinian officers in ‘undercover op’

Israeli forces kill two Palestinian officers in ‘undercover op’

At least three Palestinians killed, including two intelligence officers, in a predawn Israeli raid in Jenin, West Bank.


Israeli forces have shot dead at least three Palestinians, including two Palestinian Authority (PA) military intelligence officers, in a predawn raid in the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian authorities said on Thursday.

The Palestinian health ministry identified the two officers as Adham Yasser Alawi, 23, and Tayseer Issa, 32, the Palestinian Wafa news agency reported, adding the third victim was Jamil al-Amuri, who had been imprisoned in Israeli jails.

Another Palestinian officer, Muhammad al-Bazour, 23, was critically injured during the Israeli undercover mission and has been moved to an Israeli hospital, according to Wafa.

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An online video The Associated Press had access to appears to show Palestinian officers taking cover behind a vehicle as gunshots are heard in the background. One shouts that they are exchanging fire with Israeli “undercover” forces.

Israeli media reported that al-Amuri was a former prisoner and member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, but this has yet to be confirmed from the Palestinian officials.

Reporting from occupied east Jerusalem, Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett said the incident was “an undercover operation in a civilian vehicle.”

“The understanding is that they (Israeli forces) were targeting at least one member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

“One guy was killed in that operation, and another was injured and taken away by the Israel forces. The man who was killed is understood to be a member of the PIJ,” said Fawcett.

According to reports, the second man who was taken away was a Palestinian man named Wissam Abu Zaid. He was reportedly arrested during the operation.

Thousands of mourners turned out on the streets in Jenin city to take part in the funeral procession of Alawi, as preparations for the burial of the two other men killed were also underway.

There have also been calls for a general strike across Palestinian towns.

‘Dangerous Israeli escalation’

A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned what he called a “dangerous Israeli escalation”, saying the three were killed by Israeli special forces who disguise themselves as Palestinians during arrest raids.

The spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudaina, called on the international community and the United States to intervene to halt such attacks.