Ukrainian Air Force hits high-value Russian targets

Ukrainian Air Force hits high-value Russian targets

In the last 24 hours, Ukrainian war planes delivered a series of strikes against Russian troops and armored vehicles near Izyum, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine’s Air Force said in a Telegram post on June 25.


A Ukrainian air strike also hit a Russian ammo depot in southern Ukraine, according to the message.

Meanwhile, anti-air defenses downed a Russian Su-25 close air support aircraft.

Russian air force activity remains high, although most of their sorties are executed at long ranges, beyond the reach of Ukrainian air defenses.

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The enemy continues to launch cruise missiles against Ukrainian targets from ground launchers, ships, and jets.

Russian UAVs conduct aerial reconnaissance along the front lines and deep into Ukrainian territory. One such UAV was shot down in Kyiv Oblast on June 24.

“The enemy is clearly examining our defenses, the vulnerabilities of our critical infrastructure, logistics, and Western armaments supply routes,” the Air Force noted.