Have you always dreamed of seeing outer space? For the most part, space aficionados everywhere could only think about enjoying the galaxies through the experiences reported astronauts and photos or videos provided by space agencies. But now there's something new for those with aspirations of visiting the galaxies to look forward to: According to the Daily Mail, the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is set to begin construction on the world's first hotel in outer space in 2025. Not only will this out-of-this-world vacation spot feature everything from restaurants to movie theaters, but it will also orbit 400 guests around the Earth with its unique infrastructure.

This hotel, formally called the Voyager Station, will rotate in a large circle and have a similar gravity to the surface of the Moon. While its features already seem far from what hotels are like here on Earth, it is actually supposed to resemble a cruise ship-like experience—including a health spa and themed restaurants.