9 Things You Probably Didn't Know Were Inuit Inventions

9 Things You Probably Didn't Know Were Inuit Inventions

These 9 inventions are but some of the amazing things developed by the Inuit people.

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Who are the Inuit?

The Inuit, which means "the People" in the Inuktitut language, are a group of indigenous people who primarily live in the northernmost regions of Canada. Once called Eskimos (meaning "eater of raw meat" by other Native Americans), they are individually known as Inuk, and they call their homeland Inuit Nunangat.

This name refers to the land, water, and ice contained within the Arctic region which they traditionally inhabit. Depending on who you ask, their homeland can also extend to the land occupied by the Inuit in Alaska and Greenland too.

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Traditionally, the Inuit were hunters and gatherers who moved seasonally from one camp to another. Seal, whale, duck, caribou, fish, and berries were some of the main sources of nutrition. Today, these foods are still popular, along with foods like fruit and vegetables that must be imported.

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