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A new luxury battery-powered submarine enables you to party underwater

U-Boat Worx, a company that makes private submarines, has engineered a new model that is bound to surprise you and make you wonder whether it was built with a Bond villain in mind. The submarine is called UWEP, an acronym for Under Water Entertainment Platform, and measures 115-feet long, 25-feet wide, and 23-feet tall, offering over 1,600-square feet of floor space that can be used for entertainment purposes. News of this model was first reported by Gizmodo on Friday.

In total, it can house 120 passengers, which is quite a lot for a submarine. The ship is powered by a 1.2 megawatt-hour battery that lies beneath the ship's floors.

This battery lasts for 18 hours on a single charge and allows the submarine to hit a top speed of almost 3 MPH underwater and reach depths of about 650 feet. In case of an emergency, it also boasts a backup power system that can be activated to keep critical systems turned on for 96 hours until rescue comes.

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The submarine features 14 windows that measure almost 15 feet in diameter each to give its passengers extraordinary views of the sights deep in the water. Now, that's probably our favorite feature of all.

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