New York Businesses Now Fleeing To Florida

New York Businesses Now Fleeing To Florida

New Yorkers have already relocated to the Sunshine State and now New York businesses are joining them, leaving for Florida.


New York businesses are now following New Yorkers, moving to Florida in droves amid New York’s continued coronavirus lockdowns and a declining state economy, according to the New York Post.

“Two weeks ago, when the thermometer plunged below 20 and indoor dining was still off-limits in the city, intrepid New Yorkers continued to cling to vestiges of their social lives,” the outlet noted Sunday. “But just a short flight away — in tony Palm Beach, Fla., where La Goulue recently opened an outpost that’s a mirror image of its Manhattan mother ship — all inside tables and seats at the bar are full. Patrons are laughing and living it up, seemingly oblivious to the perils of fraternizing during a pandemic.”

In fact, the Post notes, dozens of New York City restaurants have suddenly opened Palm Beach outposts, “escaping” the icy weather and severe COVID-19 restrictions, following the New York City residents who left the city in droves during the height of the pandemic — and the ensuing economic downturn.

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“[Palm Beach] is really working with you, not trying to put wood in your wheels,’’ one restaurant owner told the Post, adding that, in New York City, dining has just opened to 25% capacity. “I have seen so many friends of mine, I can’t believe it. And all our New York staff is asking to come work here.’’

Back in December, the Daily Mail reported that families, especially, are relocating to the Sunshine State, following better weather and, it seems, more competent crisis management.