Scientists have uncovered in Argentina's Patagonian region the incomplete skeletal remains of what they believe could be the oldest-known dinosaur group known as titanosaurs.

This group of dinosaurs, which belongs to a diverse group of dinosaurs called sauropods, includes some 40 different species that include some of the world's largest land animals to ever roam the Earth. They were four-legged herbivores with small heads that had long necks and tails.

One of the world's oldest-known dinosaur groups

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The researchers made their announcement on Monday (in Spanish), explaining the fossils they found belonged to a dinosaur species called Ninjatitan zapatai — could we please take a moment to acknowledge just how incredible the name "Ninjatitan" is. This species was part of the titanosaur group.

The 140-million-year-old postcranial remains of the Ninjatitan zapatai were discovered in the Bajada Colorada Formation in Neuquén province in Argentina's Patagonia region.