US warns neighboring countries not to let in Iranian warships sailing across the Atlantic and thought to be carrying weapons

It's unclear what the ships are carrying, but the US military has publicly said that a transfer of weapons "would be a provocative act and a threat."


The US has been warning Venezuela and Cuba not to allow two Iranian warships sailing across the Atlantic to dock in their ports, Politico reported Thursday, citing several people briefed on the matter.

The Makran, an oil tanker Iran converted into a massive sea base for expeditionary naval operations, is accompanied by the frigate Sahand and is thought to be carrying weapons. The two vessels have completed about half of their journey to across the Atlantic. Venezuela is believed to be the intended destination.

Satellite images taken about a month ago by Maxar and reported by USNI News showed the large vessel carrying several fast-attack craft like the ones Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has repeatedly used to harass US Navy and Coast Guard vessels in the Persian Gulf.