Great Awakening: the future starts now

Great Awakening: the future starts now

There are only two parties in the world: globalist party of Great Reset and anti-globalist party of Great Awakening. And nothing in the middle.


“ We should revise our attitude to technology. Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Apple, Youtube, FB and so on are not just commercial – presumably “neutral” – tools. They are ideological weapon and machines of surveillance and censorship. We need to destroy them. We need to accomplish the great exit from techno-sphere controlled by globalist madmen. That is open question whether dismantle the technic in general (eco-solution that we should not disregard or decline too hasty) or develop independent networks free form the control of ideological biased and ideologically impregnated fetter. We can move meanwhile in both directions simultaneously. The same with media. They are proving now really to be the message. And unilateral message.”

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