Bia Kicis: the video recorded by people at the scene circulated on the internet, long before the congresswoman posted it.

President of the Constitutionality and Justice Commission, Beatriz Kicis, has been harassed and threatened with impeachment by members of the opposition, for speaking out against the execution of police officer Wesley Soares Góes, who was shot after shooting up and against police officers, this Sunday afternoon (29), in the Farol da Barra region, in Salvador.

People were overcome with indignation because of this video recorded on the spot, from the point of view of a building that gives the correct notion of what happened.

The media broadcast a zoomed image that gives the impression that the soldier shot at his colleagues when he aimed high; if he wanted to hit someone, a policeman trained and active for four years would have hit him.

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Leftist parliamentarians are trying to imitate the events on Capitol Hill in Brazil, but as usual, they sound deranged.

The soldier Wesley was more than 30 steps away from the garrison that fired the shots, and there was no negotiation whatsoever, as can be seen in the video.

The video was posted on the Internet, after all, everybody knows a "police friend" and, moreover, the police force was threatened, at risk of death at the hands of criminals and their colleagues. This was the starting point of the police strike and protests.

The Brazilian left pathetically imitates all the conflicting facts that occur abroad, following an internationally articulated narrative. They are factoids, artificialities that the population has already perceived, hence the dissonance between media discourse and popular debates.