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Day Order Allusive to March 31, 1964 | The Ministry of Defense of Brazil

Brasília, DF, March 31st, 2021

Events that occurred 57 years ago, as well as every historical event, can only be understood from the context of the time.The 20th century was marked by two major global war conflicts and the expansion of totalitarian ideologies, with important repercussions in all countries.

At the end of World War II, the world, with the significant participation of Brazil, had defeated Nazi-fascism. The international geopolitical map was reconfigured and new power vectors were vying for space and influence.

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The Cold War involved Latin America, bringing to Brazil a scenario of insecurities with serious political, social and economic instability. There was a real threat to peace and democracy.

Brazilians perceived the emergency and moved in the streets, with ample support from the press, political leaders, churches, the business community, several sectors of organized society and the Armed Forces, interrupting the escalating conflict, resulting in the so-called movement of March 31st, 1964.

The Armed Forces ended up taking on the responsibility of pacifying the country, facing wear and tear to reorganize it and guarantee the democratic freedoms we enjoy today.

In 1979, the Amnesty Law, approved by the National Congress, consolidated a broad pacification pact based on the convergences inherent to democracy. It was a solid transition, enriched with the maturity of collective learning. The country multiplied its capacities and changed its stature.

The current geopolitical scenario presents new challenges, such as environmental issues, cyberthreats, food security, and pandemics. The Armed Forces are present, on the front lines, protecting the population.

The Navy, the Army and the Air Force accompany the changes, aware of their constitutional mission to defend the Homeland, to guarantee the constitutional powers, and certain that the harmony and balance among these powers will preserve peace and stability in our country.

The 1964 movement is part of Brazil's historical trajectory. This is how the events of that March 31 should be understood and celebrated.


Minister of State of Defense.