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For a Liberal-Conservative Reset

Obs.: ”Liberal” is here understood as referring to classical liberalism, centered on individual freedom, and not to a left-wing ideological complex, as is current in US political discourse.

By Ernesto Araujo for Metapolitica17*

In 2020 many things became clearer.

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It became clear that there is a huge battle going on in the world. On one side, freedom and human dignity, based on human reality: the reality of a being that has a spiritual dimension united and inseparable from its material dimension. And on the other side, a wide array of ideologies, programs, practices, interest groups, thought currents, associations and atitudes that go against human freedom and dignity.

As a matter of fact, there is a great, deep and complex web of interests around the world which combines:

- mainstream media;

- narco-socialism (the only form of socialism that can survive in the long run);


- organized crime;

- politically correct intellectuals

- climatism (the use of the climate issues as a means of economic control);

- racialism (the organization of society according to the principle of race);

- covidism (the biopolitical hysteria and its use as a control mechanism);

- terrorism;

- antinational multilateralism (distortion and manipulation of the multilateral system constituted by the international organizations);

- gender ideology;

- abortionism;

- trans-humanism;

- anti-Christianism and Christophobia;

- the schemes of certain mega billionaires or trillionaires;

- transnational elitism;

- and high-tech "market Marxism" or neo-Maoism.

Although some of these streams may seem distant from one another, they all communicate: whenever you feed one of them, all get nourished. When one of them advances, all make progress. When one of them gains, all of them win.

Like in a game of chess, each one of these elements, whenever they move or stay in place, even though they are physically independent from the others, plays a role in favor of its whole side. Each piece protects one or more pieces of its own side and attacks one or more of the opponent’s, each one fills spaces in favor of the whole team, each one creates lines of strength and allows for, in future moves, new aggressions and advances. There doesn’t seem to be one single player behind all of these pieces planning all of their moves, but it is as if the system played itself, or better yet, as if the pieces of the anti-freedom team knew they were playing together and shared the same strategy. Some pieces have more knowledge of this than others but they all are aware of this to some extent, instinctively, even without knowing so, perceiving a common structure that brings them together and favors them all, and they act according to this feeling.

We can also look at this great scheme as a great conglomerate made up of many companies, each one selling its own products under its own brand, without the public knowing, and maybe even their own managers and employees not knowing, that everything is part of the same unit, that the profits of each of those companies enhances the others’ investment capabilities. So, whenever you “buy” the bio-political product branded as the commandment to “stay at home” you might be helping out drug trafficking. When you “buy” a product with the anti-national multilateralism brand you are maybe, without realizing it, helping out corruption. Or maybe you realize it and don’t care. Or maybe you realize and think it’s great.

One could call this whole set “globalism”. Basically, we’re dealing with economic globalization, captured by marxism - a phenomenon that started with the dissolution of the Soviet block and became stronger from the year 2000 onwards, even though its destructive impulses date back thousands of years. Globalism was born when capitalist globalization, abandoning the spiritual dimension of humanity, unconsciously rendered itself to communism in its post-Soviet metastasis, that is, Gramsci’s and the New Left marxism, the Marxism of the Cultural Revolution (both the Western and the Chinese cultural revolutions), which always aspired to occupy capitalism from within and is becoming more and more successful in this endeavour today. The current Neomaoist model and its growing expansion around the world is one of the main expressions and gains of this kind of Marxism’s triumphant penetration into capitalism.

We can see the process of a strange reverse alchemy, which changes spiritual gold into inert lead. One that enslaves the best energies of the human mind - science, technology, thinking, art, and ultimately the logos - in favor of a culture of death, mendacity and cruelty.

“You will have nothing and will be happy,” says the Great Reset propaganda. In such a world, indeed, humans will have nothing, no freedom, no dignity, no spiritual life. Humans will be “happy” like a rock is happy, without feelings, without thought, having all of their “ideas” generated by the high tech mechanism of absolute control.

All of this, all the pieces of the chess set, all the companies that belong to the same holding, don’t make up a system that is fully coordinated, but a great organism of elective affinities that come together in their hate of transcendence and in their desire to strip the human being of its spiritual dimension.

Where does this hate come from? No one knows. Maybe here lies the “mysterium iniquitatis” of which Saint Paul speaks in the second Letter to the Thessalonians.

In any case, many people around the world are waking up to the nature of this monstrous project and to the urgent need of fighting it for the survival of the human race. The year of 2020 started to expose the situation. The mysterious anti-freedom project showed at least part of its face, with the forging of the concept of the “Great Reset” and with the idea of restoring a certain “liberal world order” with the prospect of a change of course of the United States.

During 2021, we have to keep studying and fighting this mysterious and cruel system, based on the information that the system itself makes available, ripping through the veil of cynicism and hypocrisy that covers its words. Let us keep in mind that evil rarely says “I am evil”, but presents itself insidiously as being good, dressed up as peace and happiness. Nevertheless, the human being possesses (as long as it preserves its vertical, spiritual, position) the intelligence and the sensibility needed to notice these lies and seek the truth.

This is not a purely philosophical question, much less so a conspiracy theory. It’s about trying to understand the forces in action around the world in order to defend and promote interests that are very real - both material and spiritual interests - of Brazilians and all good will people around the world.

Here are a few suggestions for an agenda to defend true democracy, with freedom and dignity for the human being. I seek to address especially those who call themselves and honestly see themselves in the pro-democracy, liberal, and humanist field, but who are often misled by the freedom-killing complex:

Respect the Nation, for in the Nation lies the beating heart of freedom and aspirations of the human being in his or her sense of community.

Respect the fundamental rights enshrined int the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Respect the people, respect the peoples and the persons, don’t try to become a magical group of wise men capable of “resetting” the world. Be humble. No globalist enlightened despotism. Don’t fall into the illusion of becoming the “philosopher kings” of Plato, which are but the forefront of totalitarian regimes. Understand that democracy is made up of more “demos” and less “kratía”. Stop labeling and ridiculing leaders of the right by calling them “populists” when all they are is popular because they love the people, respect the people’s feelings, express them and defend them.

Examine and understand where the threats to democracy come from and from where they don’t. Know who is who.

Contribute to a world economy that provides positive incetive to democratic countries and negative incentive do the non-democratic ones (today, the opposite tends to happen).

Help in the effort to gear the capitalist economy in favor of democracy, freedom and human dignity, and not in favor of totalitarian social control.

Help make new technologies an instrument of democracy and not of social control. Strive to avoid making the world a huge “internet of things” where people are merely things among other things, for a human being is much more than a set of big data. Work so that the virtual world becomes a great internet of people, and not of things, people freely exchanging feelings and ideas and thus generating prosperity and living out their humanity.

Stop demonizing religion, for religion is a privileged means to reach spirituality. Stop considering that atheism is more “evolved” than faith. The loss of the ability to lead a spiritual life does not represent any form of evolution. To reject the human spirit is the opposite of anything that can be honestly called humanism.

Stop allowing multilateral organizations to be manipulated by non-democratic agents acting in their own interests (as they were manipulated during the Cold War by the Soviet Union). Inject into the multilateral system and in the international discussions the ideals of freedom and democracy. What is a pro-democracy person worth if he or she is afraid to talk about democracy so as to not offend those on the anti-democracy camp?

Understand that the world should not organize itself around the axis of “sustainable development” nor of that of “health”. To place these two “global” issues that have nothing to do with freedom at the top of the world priority list only serves the interests of the anti-democracy camp. Treat sustainable development, health and all other so-called “global issues” from a freedom perspective, and not otherwise: don’t treat freedom from the sustainable development perspective, because that would be a fatal blow to freedom and would not bring about any form of development.

Stop arguing that “global problems require global solutions”. Global problems require solutions that are in favor of democracy, freedom, human dignity. Much more important than “rebuilding greener” is to “rebuild freer”.

Analise and understand the infiltration of anti-democracy forces in the media, in the institutions and companies in democratic countries - an infiltration that occurs both in terms of atitudes and in terms of agents actually operating in these places.

Place freedom of expression at the core of freedom, for it is the vital sap of humanity. Understand how and to what extent mainstream media in democratic countries is being manipulated by anti-democratic forces and is turning into an instrument of extermination of the freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Understand that the greatest weapon being used by anti-democratic forces today is the attack against freedom of expression under the pretext of fighting “fake news”.

Stop labeling bottles and believing that, by placing the label, you have already drunk the wine it contains. Don’t become a sommelier that knows all the labels but never tasted a drop of wine.

Pay attention to where the ideas that you consume and that end up shaping your thoughts are coming from. Don’t worry only about the ingredients of what you eat but also about the ingredients of what you think, the procedence of the ready-made ideas that you can find everywhere, their quality, their ability to corrupt your mind. Worry not only about the supply chain of industrial products, but also about the supply chain of ideas: how they are forged, what kind of world they foster.

Those on the conservative right, conservatism, are fundamentally and intrinsically pro-democracy and pro-freedom. If you consider yourself a liberal and do not want to be called rightist or conservative because of prejudices that were built into your mind, fine, but don’t stay chained to labels and understand that the conservative right, conservatism, want the exact same things you say you want: freedom, a world that favors liberty.

Liberals, reach out a hand to the conservatives, accept the hand that the conservatives offer you. Only conservatives can save you from the claws of marxism. Only together can you, liberals, and the conservatives save the world.

The world, the “liberal” international system that you are creating is not safe for democracy. It is a world safe for totalitarism. Check out who is winning in this “liberal” system, who is becoming hegemonic, who has the lead in the races played by the “rules” that you value so much.

An international liberal order will only be solid and true if it is a liberal-conservative international order. An international liberal order will never hold up without conservatism.

Understand what conservatism is and study it. Conservatism is: individual freedom in balance with the well-being of the community; the Nation above the State (less State, more Nation); classic fundamental rights (freedom of expression, of belief, protection against being arbitrarily arrested, right to due process of law, right to choose your leaders, right to life, etc.); respect, love and care for one’s ancestors, for the plights and feelings of previous generations, care and devotion to future generations, for our historical past, for traditions, love of the family and of the country as an extension of the family; cultivating beauty, courage, virtue; thought based of the quest for truth and not what is politically more advantageous; respect for language understood as logos, divine instrument of communication, reflection of reality and expression of feeling, and not as a mean to distort reality; practice or at least respect for religion as a means of expression of the intrinsic spirituality of the human being; balance between reason and feeling, a humble attitude towards the limitations of human reason, and the awareness that not all knowledge is rational and not all truth is scientific.

Conservatism is the the body of freedom, freedom in conservative in its concrete expression.

If you want a Great Reset, let it be this Reset: liberalism and conservatism together for freedom and democracy.

Let us work together for this, let us fight for this in 2021.