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Jair Messias Bolsonaro's life as the 38th President of the Republic - Part 1

By Belinha Nogueira in My Right News

I confess that writing the first part of this article, published in my column last week, was much easier. Summarizing 63 years of Jair Bolsonaro's life was much less complex than describing the last 28 months of his government. The countless attacks, slanderous headlines and injustices were more work than researching about Bolsonaro's simple and honest life until he became President of the Republic.

I point out that these insults began even before Bolsonaro took office in November 2018. One of the first attacks against the President-elect was the media's fallacious narrative regarding Bolsonaro's termination of the “Mais Médicos” Program. An agenda of President Dilma Roussef since 2013, it consisted of hiring Cuban doctors to work in Brazil. What actually happened: when the government transition team announced that the program would be reexamined with the revalidation of professionals through on-site tests, the Cuban government determined the immediate return of the professionals, unilaterally terminating the program.

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I also highlight that there was a flurry of headlines alerting to the lack of doctors to serve the Brazilian population, since the Brazilian professionals were not interested in participating in the program, nor did they want to work in places far from the large urban centers. It was then that two lies were unmasked: 1. many reports demonstrated that Brazilian doctors did not have access to the Mais Médicos program, with only Cuban professionals being favored to be hired; 2. there was interest from Brazilian doctors, since in a few hours after the opening of registrations for the program, 96.6% of the vacancies offered had already been filled.

Even before taking office, in December 2018, the litany of the Queiroz case began. Without going into the merits of the case, since it is still under investigation, it is noted that Flavio Bolsonaro was the only state congressman of Rio de Janeiro to have his accounts and phones violated under investigation for the alleged practice of "rachadinha" in the amount of R$ 1.200,000, because another deputy, André Ceciliano (PT), who would also be on the list of alleged "rachadinhas" (practice of returning to the party or elected politician money from components of his office, received in salaries) (R$49,000,000), was reelected this year as President of the ALERJ, without ever being investigated so arduously for the practice of illicit act. Here begins the double standard of justice.

In the very first month of Bolsonaro's administration, Ceará suffers an unprecedented crisis in public security and the State Governor, Camilo Santana (PT), requested a Federal intervention in the state (which would imply the locking of the Congress agenda), however, the Federal Government sent him the National Force, which solved the instability in a few weeks.

Also in the first month of 2019, Bolsonaro faced the Brumadinho tragedy, as well as signing the decree easing gun ownership, which was repealed in June 2019 after being rejected in the Senate. Perhaps the only good news of the month was the resignation of Jean Wyllys from the position of Federal Deputy, leaving the seat to David Miranda (PSOL). The episode of the resignation of the former deputy and the announcement of his self-exile in Spain was celebrated by the President with the famous phrase: "great day".

In February 2019, Bolsonaro and a large part of his supporters were made fools of. Yes, we helped elect David Alcolumbre as President of the Senate and Rodrigo Maia in the Federal Chamber with hashtags and posters around the Esplanade of Ministries, the two presidents proved to be the biggest delay for the country for two long years. Still in February, the projects for the Social Security Reform and the Anti-Crime Package were delivered. The Queiroz case continued on the front pages of the newspapers, now with the involvement of militiamen, since Valdenice Meliga, Flavio Bolsonaro's former advisor, was the sister of a militiaman (member of paramilitary group that commits crimes), which, according to the press, was irrefutable proof that the Bolsonaro family was also composed of militiamen.

In March 2019, unfortunately, a shooting occurred in a public school in the city of Suzano - SP, and of course, according to the media, Bolsonaro was to blame, since he relaxed the acquisition of firearms by the population, however, the pair of shooters, former students of the school, acquired the weapons illegally, even because one of them was a minor. Also in March, the killers of councilwoman Marielle Franco were arrested: Ronnie Lessa and Elcio Viera de Queiroz. The fact that Lessa resided in the same condominium as Jair Bolsonaro in Rio de Janeiro became reason enough for the press to create a connection of the President's name to the case.

In April 2019, Bolsonaro was extremely attacked for vetoing the readjustment of diesel by Petrobras, "before, in Dilma Rousseff's government, the variation of international prices was passed on in a lagged manner to the values practiced in the country, a mechanism used to try to hold down the increase in inflation" (Source BBC, 24/05/2018).

We arrived in May 2019 and the headlines of the newspapers were taken by the contingency in the Ministry of Education, there was all kinds of criticism of the "reduction" of the budget to the Federal Universities, which was later widely demystified. In fact, it was not a cut, but a delay in the transfer of funds for better distribution of the money. The COAF returned to the Ministry of Economy, contrary to the plans of Bolsonaro and Sergio Moro, who wanted the agency to be linked to the Ministry of Justice.

In June 2019, Adélio Bispo was acquitted by the Federal Judge of the Judicial District of Juiz de Fora, Dr. Bruno Savino, as he judged the ex-Psol (Ultra radical left-wing "Party of Socialism and Freedom") militant to be unimputable due to mental disorder. Also this month, the leaked conversations from former Minister Sergio Moro's cell phone were made public by the Intercept. Glenn Greenwald was not even indicted for the case:

"Judge claims that, despite seeing evidence of criminal conduct of the journalist, he complies with STF decision. Greenwald was indicted in an investigation into cell phone intrusions of officials like Moro and Lava Jato prosecutors" (Source DW, 06/02/20).

July 2019 was marked by the invasions of the cell phones of numerous authorities and by the criticism of the leftist tribe about the Federal Government's release of the FGTS in the amount up to R$ 500. Paulo Henrique Amorim also died of a heart attack, which, according to the press, was Bolsonaro's fault, since he was the communist journalist's arch enemy. Then came the fires in the Amazon in August/19 and, according to the press, "the ineptitude of the Federal Government in managing the tragedy that threatened the life of the entire planet".

Months later it was reported that "Pará Civil Police accuses group of volunteer firefighters of causing fire in environmental protection area and embezzling donations" (Source DW, 11/27/19) and "Firefighters linked to NGO arrested for setting fires in the Amazon" (Source Diário de Notícias, 11/28/19). Still on the Amazon fires, we had Macron, through the G7, offering $20 million to stop the Amazon environmental crisis, money rejected by the Brazilian government, with Onyx Lorenzoni's response: "We thank you, but perhaps these resources are more relevant to reforest Europe. Macron can't even avoid a predictable fire in a church that is a World Heritage Site (fire in Notre Dame Cathedral) and wants to teach our country what? He has too much to take care of at home and in the French colonies" (Source The Observer, 8/27/19).

We have reached the ninth month of 2019 with the oil slicks on the Brazilian coast stamping the newspapers and tarnishing the government of President Bolsonaro. A few days later it was discovered that it was a pirate ship, which was illegally transporting Venezuelan oil, since the country suffers economic embargoes and cannot sell oil in the formal market. There was also the nomination of Augusto Aras to the Attorney General's Office, which generated a lot of criticism to the choice of the "ex-Petista". At this time Nando Moura stopped supporting President Bolsonaro, becoming a fierce critic of his government.

In October 2019, there were numerous violent protests in Chile due to the increase in subway fares in Santiago, which led the Brazilian "He No" and "Resistance" crowd to try to organize the same kind of movement in Brazil, which ended up not leaving the leftist imagination for the streets.

In November/19, after ten long months, the Social Security Reform was approved in Congress with the massive support of the population, something unprecedented in world history. The STF defended imprisonment after the sentence has become final and unappealable, which led to Lula's release. That month, Bolsonaro left the PSL.

Alberto Fernandez is sworn in asPresident of Argentina with Cristina Kirchner as Vice President in December 2019. The press criticized President Bolsonaro who did not attend the inauguration. In this same month, the anti-crime package was enacted and Bolsonaro was again swarmed for not having vetoed the "guarantee judge," something that in practice was never implemented by the courts due to the impossibility of creating the position within the Brazilian legal system.

It begins 2020 with the nomination of the documentary "Democracy in Vertigo" to the Oscars.

The film distorted the impeachment of President Dilma Roussef, turning due legal process into a coup d'état. Australia had the largest series of fires in history, but neither Greta Thunberg, nor Macron, nor Leonardo DiCaprio demanded sanctions in international courts against the ecological disaster in the country. On 02/04/2020 the Federal Government decrees a state of emergency to contain the coronavirus in the country and "Bolsonaro also sent to the Legislature PL that creates quarantine and makes exams, vaccination and treatment mandatory" (Folha Source, 02/04/20). Even so, Mayors and Governors did not cancel the carnival festivities. Also in February 2020, Hans River, a former employee of an advertising company specializing in whatsapp shots testified at the CPI of Fake

News, stating categorically that he did not make any shots for the campaign of Jair Bolsonaro, on the contrary, he said he had done them for the campaigns of PT candidates and also denounced the journalist Patricia Campos Mello for trying to influence him in his testimony in exchange for a romantic relationship.

As is notorious, the Bolsonaro government has been relentlessly attacked even before its inauguration. These attacks have worn down the President's image worldwide and destabilized the Brazilian economy.

But there is still a lot more insults, lies, and disruption in the Bolsonaro government. Next week is the third part of this article! Don't miss it!

"And you know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John, 8:32).

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