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Queiroga tells Biden's scientist to stay out of it: 'I'll take care of Brazil

Epidemiologist Anthony Fauci suggested lockdown in Brazil

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga was in Rio Grande do Sul on Thursday (8), where he said he was "vaccinated against intrigues." Queiroga, who visited the Conceição Hospital Group, in Porto Alegre, praised the Brazilian diplomacy in search of vaccines and denied that Brazil is an international threat because of the coronavirus. The new portfolio holder also said he is in favor of the approval by the Congress of the approval for the purchase of immunizers by the private sector.

After the visit, in a press conference, the minister said he is in favor of Congress approving the purchase of vaccines by the private sector.

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The House of Representatives approved this week a bill that allows companies to buy immunizers that are not registered with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), but have the endorsement of international authorities.

- This is not the time to be 'ah, because the private sector will get in line', we need to stop this, let's unite - said Queiroga.

He also rejected the title of "world threat" that Brazil has been receiving due to its difficulty in dealing with the pandemic.

- He [Anthony Fauci, American scientist who leads the fight against Covid-19 in the country] should take care of the United States. I'll take care of Brazil," replied Queiroga.