"The Constitutional exercise of the Presidency of the Republic cannot be called interference," says a reader.

The exchange of top leaders of the armed forces that took place on Tuesday (30) is a normal procedure resulting from the seniority rule.

Unlike what has been misinformed, the ranking in the Armed Forces is done by means of posts or graduations; within the same post or graduation, it is done by ANTIGUITY in the post or graduation.

Therefore, it is not a matter of "General change in command by order of the President", only, due to the nomination of Gen. Braga Netto, his commanders are not usually older than him in the armed forces, according to article 14 paragraph 1 of the Military Statute, thus stated:

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"Military hierarchy is the ordering of authority, at different levels, within the structure of the Armed Forces. The order is made by ranks or degrees; within the same rank or degree, it is made by ANTIGUITY in the rank or degree."

Internet users see the move as natural

For journalist Paulo Figueiredo: "I would have been immensely surprised if Gen. Pujol had remained as Army Commander subordinated to Gen. Braga Netto (more modern), Minister of Defense", he evaluates.

Carlos Barros, professor and influencer highlight that: "One cannot call the Constitutional exercise of the Presidency of the Republic interference".

As for Renato Gomes, former officer of the Brazilian Navy and Master in Public Law:

"The military who, with reference to the current chaos, opens his mouth to speak that "the FFAA should not lend itself to adventures", deserves at least 10 days of rigorous administrative detention. For intellectual dishonesty and cowardice in the face of political correctness, if possible, he should lose his rank," he affirms.