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The disinformation campaign against Brazil. For the end of defamation for commercial purposes and the end of imperialism, we will not be tutored.

We are being massacred by journalists and news agencies, because the media conglomerates in Brazil are concentrated in the hands of a few families and the current president has stopped the financial transfers of advertising, because there is no money in cash for these purposes. The President's priority has always been to take care of the Brazilians, the financial conditions of the families, health, economy, freedom.

From then on, an unprecedented unpatriotic massacre against another President began.

The real debate is in the people, in the social networks, in the independent media that are growing trying to fight the giants, but it is difficult.

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The truth is that many parliamentarians who criticize Brazil are misinformed, the records in videos and official pronouncements of the president, accompanied by the actions contradict them and the Brazilian people know it.

Stop trying to protect the Brazilians, this is imperialism. We are independent, free, and we don't want tutors, and even more: stop defaming our country.

Here is official data endorsed by a large part of the population, except for the ideologically opposed minority and enormously financed by metacapitalists from countries that attack us.


Official records

The world suffers from the coronavirus, a serious disease with many unanswered questions. There have been more than 3.16 million deaths out of a total of about 150 million people infected.

We mourn every one of these lives. And we mourn the suffering from other diseases, hunger and unemployment.

Every life matters. And to preserve them, to sustain Brazilian families, all work is essential.

We acted, therefore, from the beginning, to save lives and preserve jobs - to preserve the dignity of Brazilians.

Today, the Federal Government has delivered almost 60 million Covid-19 vaccines throughout Brazil.

We have acquired 560 million doses.

We are already the 5th country with the most vaccines applied.

We invest heavily in fighting the virus: the equivalent of 8.3% of the GDP. The average in developing countries is 3.6%.

R$ 294 BILLION were paid to 67 million Brazilians with the first phase of the Emergency Aid, indirectly helping more than half of the population.

Government programs offered R$ 129 BILLION in credit for medium, small and micro companies.

More than 20 million employment contracts have already been preserved by our actions.

Between January and March 2021, the balance of jobs is +837,704 new openings.

Vaccines, investments in health, social assistance, and jobs. All of this is a result.

Result of the work to save lives and preserve jobs.

Result of 2019 growth that allowed us to react to the Covid crisis.

In 2019, ends of the worst decade in 120 years for our economy, we start the comeback: reforms, shrinking the machine, cutting 40,000+ positions/functions.

- 4th investment destination in the G20.

- 25 most trustworthy countries to invest in.

- Best job balance in 6 years.

2020, Covid's world crisis:

January: actions at ports, airports and borders.

February: Government decrees state of emergency, before WHO declares pandemic.

Thousands of Brazilians repatriated from all over the world.

March: monitoring of vaccine development.

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