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The life of Jair Messias Bolsonaro as the 38th President of the Republic - Part 2

By Belinha Nogueira for My Right News

Closing the trilogy on the life of Jair Bolsonaro, I report on the events after the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil. But it is interesting, in case you have not read it, to start with the first article, where I narrate Bolsonaro's trajectory until he became the 38th President of the Federative Republic of Brazil ( ). In the second text, I describe his government until the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil ( ).

In Brazil, the pandemic officially began on 02/04/2020 with the submission of PL 23/20, which was approved in Congress, becoming Law no. 13.979/2020 on 02/07/2020. This law provides for the measures that may be adopted to face the public health emergency of international importance due to the coronavirus responsible for the 2019 outbreak. I emphasize that the text says "may be adopted" and not obligatorily imposed, as some Mayors and Governors have done contrary to the Law and the Federal Constitution.

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It is necessary to remember that in February 2020, we had the Carnaval celebration, despite President Bolsonaro's criticism to the agglomeration generated at this time. His warning about the danger of contamination by the new virus was solemnly ignored by the press. Also ignored or extremely underestimated was the event of 02/19/20, when Senator Cid Gomes (brother of Ciro Gomes) tried to break through a blockade of strikers with a backhoe. At the time, the narrative that he had been shot with a firearm during the demonstration was tried, but the images from dozens of popular cell phones disproved the Senator's defense. Such violence perpetrated by a Senator of the Republic against workers ended in NOTHING! Simply, shameful.

But March came and, on the 15th of that month, the largest demonstration in support of the President took place. This led the press, the STF and the Presidents of the legislative houses, Rodrigo Maia and David Alcolumbre to despair, turning on the yellow light to avoid future demonstrations. March also brought the State of Emergency and the decree of the first lockdown under the explanation that "it will only be 15 days until the curve flattens", a fact that seems not to have happened until today. This month Bolsonaro declared "Many more people are going to die from an economy that is not moving than from coronavirus", which generated criticism and more criticism in the press.

April brought the emergency aid, a plan for payment of R$600 installments by the Federal Government to those who were in financial difficulties due to lockdown, but that many wealthy people also took advantage of the benefit of the Union, "democratically" ignoring that the money came out of the taxpayer's pocket. On social networks we found many videos of people counting the emergency aid money and debauching Bolsonaro, even calling him a "fool" and a "clown". There are no limits to the left's moral double standard. In this same month, the BNDS granted R$1.1 billion to bail out companies affected by the pandemic, but this was not much reported, because it is not a reason to offend the President. On 04/16/20, Luiz Henrique Mandetta is fired from the Ministry of Health, from then on he becomes a fierce critic of the Government, becoming the President's arch-enemy and presidential candidate in 2022. Mandetta's administration was marked by a lot of blah-blah and little concrete action. Eight days later, it is Sergio Moro's turn to leave the Government, under the allegation that in order to save his biography, he would leave his position as Minister of Justice, since Jair Bolsonaro would be interfering in the direction of the Federal Police. Besides spitting on his own plate, Sergio Moro leaked his whatsapp conversations with Carla Zambeli, his goddaughter by marriage, in which he said "dear, I am not for sale", but accepted to remain in the government, if Bolsonaro did not change the direction of the Federal Police, which shows that the price to be paid for Moro's pass was not in money, but in strategic positions in the government?

May arrives and with it the Movement 300 for Brazil: "The group set up in the parking lot of the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety, on the Eixo Monumental in Brasília, on May 1, and since then has been participating in acts in support of the President of the Republic. According to publications on social networks, the camp will only end when "Maia and Alcolumbre fall, when the STF understands that it must respect the full tripartition of powers, when governors and mayors respect the federative pact, and when there is governability for the Executive power" (Fonte Gauchazh, 05/13/2020). On May 2nd, Sergio Moro testifies at the Federal Police of Curitiba for nine hours and the deposition literally ends in pizza (the delegate ordered pizza for the deponent and others present at the end of the act). On 05/15/20, Nelson Teich resigned from the Ministry of Health, less than a month after being appointed. On the 22nd of that same month, the video of the ministerial meeting was released with the intention of publicizing Jair Bolsonaro's swear words and interference in his own government (!?). Another shot in the foot by Moro. The video was celebrated by the President's supporters and still won him a few more votes for 2022. In the video, Justice Abraham Weintraub says the famous phrase: "I, for one, would put all these bums in jail, starting with the STF". In response to the video, thousands of people came out en masse on May 25 in the main cities of the country in a demonstration of unrestricted support for the President. The STF's red light went on and in the same week the Federal Police conducted searches and seizures at the residences of Allan dos Santos, Luciano Hang, Oswaldo Eustaquio and Otavio Fakhoury, among others. In São Paulo, Police arrest Antonio Carlos Bronzeri and Jurandir Alencar, who demonstrated against Minister Alexandre de Moraes, under the allegation that they were arrested for the crimes of disobedience, breach of preventive health measure and incitement to crime. It was from May/20 that the newspapers O Globo, Folha de São Paulo, Bandeirantes and Metrópoles announced that they would no longer cover the President's agenda, because he was ignoring them. Bolsonaro, in one of his weekly lives, warns about the worsening of mental illnesses during the pandemic; the decrease of transplants and blood donations in hospitals due to the lockdown, and the increase in reports of cases of domestic violence and child abuse, but, the press rebuts that the lockdown must be maintained because it is based on "science". It's not all bad news, the government announces that Petrobras has located a new pre-salt area and operations have begun to preserve the legal Amazon. On May 29, Gilberto Dimenstein, one of the most critical of the Bolsonaro government, dies and published in his column a photo of the dead President in his coffin. Life has these ironies...

June, despite being winter, started hot. Abraham Weintraub leaves the Ministry of Education to take a position in the World Bank in the USA. Oswaldo Eustaquio is arrested. The 300's camp is dismantled by the police and Sara Winter, along with some members of the group, are arrested. The Federal Government enacted the Aldir Blank Law, which grants emergency aid to poor artists who cannot work during the lockdown, and released a R$15 billion line of credit for micro and small businesses, but all of this was overlooked by the press, which only talked about the reappearance of Fabrício Queiroz, found on a site owned by Flavio Bolsonaro's lawyer. General Eduardo Pazuello takes over the Health Ministry on an interim basis under criticism from the media.

July begins with fires in the Pantanal and the lynching by the world press of Bolsonaro and of Environment Minister Ricardo Salles. The TSE postpones the municipal elections from October to November 2020, because in the bar people can be contaminated with the new virus, but in the polling stations, not. In this month catastrophic predictions were also made by biologist Atila Iamarino, who claimed that 1 million people would die in Brazil during the month of August (to date, April 19, 2021, 373,000 have died, unfortunately). Also in July, the President contracted Covid and had early treatment, recovering in a few days, without the need to be hospitalized, although there is no scientific proof, thousands of people who have used the lice medication have recovered from the disease, anti-scientifically.

And August arrives with the media keeping the narrative of the fires in the Pantanal and accusing the President of not paying tribute to the Covid victims at the event "Brazil beating Covid", which ended up yielding a retraction by Rede Globo, since doctor Raíssa Soares, during the event, asked for a minute of silence for those killed by the virus. Wilson Witzel is removed from the Government of Rio de Janeiro, and in the press he appears crying and accusing the Federal Government of persecuting him.

In September, the press reported "countless panellings throughout Brazil," which was quickly denied, since the image shown by the newspaper O Globo was of an earlier event. Dozens of videos of people playing the sound of panelas through powerful loudspeakers, while the population was silent, went viral on social networks. On September 14, 2020, President Jair Bolsonaro effectively appointed General Pazuello as Minister of Health.

And more fires were announced by the media in October 2020, this time in Chapada Diamantina and in the Federal Hospital of Bonsucesso in RJ. According to the press, the Ministry of Health knew about the risk of fire since April/2019 (Mandetta), but the Doctors Union of RJ warned that since 2007 the Ministry knew about the lack of maintenance and other problems faced by the hospital.

In November the municipal elections took place with the highest abstention rate (29.5% in the 2nd round) since 2000. Kassio Nunes is Bolsonaro's nominee to take a seat on the STF. Kassio occupied the seat of Celso de Mello, who retired. The choice of his name was political and displeased the President's supporters, who wanted a name more aligned to conservative agendas. Amapá suffers with countless blackouts, affecting 90% of the state. The media tries to sell the idea that the Federal Government is to blame, but São Pedro was to blame: "On Tuesday night, while a storm was raging in Macapá, an explosion followed by fire compromised the three transformers in the most important substation of the state, which is located in the North Zone of Macapá" (Source G1, 06/11/2020).

In December the first vaccinations start around the world and the Brazilian government is criticized for "still not having vaccines available for the population", however, the pharmaceutical companies had not submitted all the documentation for the approval process by ANVISA, denying any inertia of the Federal Government. New strains of the coronavirus appear, and the "Brazilian" one is considered one of the most aggressive. Joe Biden is "elected" President of the United States of America, which leads the media to say that Brazil would become a diplomatic dwarf. The United Nations International Fund approves the remittance of R$1.2 billion to fight drought in the Northeast. In many municipalities in Brazil there are limits on Christmas and New Year's Eve parties to avoid crowds. The most famous New Year's Eve party in the world, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, is canceled, under protests from the hotel, restaurant and tourism sectors. Oswaldo Eustáquio is arrested on 12/18, under the allegation that he had violated his house arrest.

2021 arrives and things are still complicated for Brazil. Due to the new Brazilian strain of the coronavirus, several countries have suspended flights to and from Brazil, including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Japan, Peru, and Colombia. According to the Lowy Institute, Brazil has the worst management in the pandemic (congratulations to the STF). The effectiveness of the vaccines against covid is disclosed and Coronavac (made in partnership between China and Instituto Butantã) has only 50.38% . But João Agripino Doria, Governor of the State of São Paulo and a great enthusiast for the vaccine wants the Federal Government to buy another 6 million doses (US$10 each) of the drug, claiming that the President is fighting for death, while he, Agripino, is fighting for life. What is known today is that "The Brazilian government announced this Monday (03/15) that it has contracted a total of 562.9 million doses of covid-19 vaccines to various laboratories, to be delivered this year" (Source SIC Notícias, 03/15/21). On 26/01/21, Oswaldo Eustaquio has progression of sentence, of which he has not yet been convicted, and, is under house arrest with the use of electronic ankle bracelet for medical treatment of his paraplegia, consequence of a fall in jail, in an obscure episode.

Amazonia 1 is a Brazilian Earth observation satellite launched on February 28, 2021 on mission PSLV-C51, at 01:54. The launch results from a partnership with the Indian government and relies on one of the newest technologies, however, this achievement was forgotten by the conventional media. The satellite's main objective is to monitor the Amazon and this does not seem to be of interest to many. In February there was a change in the presidency of Petrobras, with General Silva e Luna taking over, which generated criticism of Bolsonaro's interference in the company that belongs to the Union, perhaps the media misses Graça Foster's management and business deals like the acquisition of Pasadena ... On February 16, Federal Deputy Daniel Silveira is arrested for publishing a video talking a lot of good things to the ministers of the STF (after 28 days he could leave prison using an anklet).

March was marked by changes in the Ministries. It started with the change of General Pazuello, in the Ministry of Health, after pressure from Congress and the media, he was replaced by Marcelo Queiroga. In the Government Secretariat General Luiz Eduardo Ramos left, and was appointed to the Civil House, in his place was named Federal Deputy Flávia Arruda (PL-DF); General da Braga Netto took over the Defense Ministry replacing Fernando Azevedo e Silva; In the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety André Mendonça left, to replace José Levy, and in the Ministry of Justice was appointed Federal Police Commissioner Anderson Torres, former Public Safety Secretary of the Federal District; Ernesto Araújo, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was replaced, after disagreements in the Senate, by Ambassador Carlos Alberto Franco França, career diplomat who was in the special advisory office of the Presidency. March was also highlighted by Covid's numbers, closing the month with 4 thousand deaths on March 29. The Government announced the acquisition of more vaccine doses: 4 million from AstraZeneca and 5.5 million from Covax Facility.

Today is April 19th and there is still a lot to happen this month... STF (Federal Supreme Court) has determined the opening of the Covid CPI in the Senate, going beyond constitutional limits. Remember that exactly one year ago, the same STF determined that states and municipalities had the autonomy to decide on issues related to Covid. After the leaking of the phone conversation between Bolsonaro and Kajuru, disclosed by the Senator, Senators voted for the inclusion of mayors and governors in the Covid's CPI; Renan Calheiros, who has several lawsuits pending in the STF and is the father of the Governor of Alagoas, Renan Filho, was chosen to be rapporteur. Another Senator who will be part of the CPI commission is Jader Barbalho, whose son, Helder Barbalho, is Governor of Pará. But the STF did more of its own this month, declaring Lula's convictions null and void, making him eligible for 2022. According to the Poder Data survey, Lula would win in a second round against Bolsonaro with 52% of voting intentions. In fact, this poll announces Bolsonaro's defeat to anyone from the left...

And so I close this trilogy on the life of Jair Bolsonaro. His government has been marked by atrocious persecution by his rivals with the help of the world press. It has not been easy for Brazilians, but it has certainly been exhausting for the President. Despite the battles lost, we have had many victories: social security reform; privatizations; a surplus in the balance of trade; roads and construction work done in record time, at low cost and without bribes/corruption; the transposition of the São Francisco River, which finally brought water to the people of the Northeast; the 13th month of the family allowance; emergency aid; the right to bear arms (albeit partially); the release of the FGTS; more economic freedom for companies; among so many good things! So, if you see these achievements, spread these texts, share them with friends and relatives who are still in the red bubble. Let's change our country for good.

2022 is just around the corner, we need to mobilize so that the left never returns to power.

"And you know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John, 8:32).