Brazil fighting for an auditable electoral system

The discussion about the need for an auditable voting system, defended by President Bolsonaro, surpasses the discussion on whether or not the voting machines themselves are reliable. Our Supreme Court and Superior Electoral Court are no longer reliable. Brazilian institutions are no longer reliable.

It may come as a surprise for the American audience and people around the world, that the Brazilian electoral system, an electronic system for decades now, is not ensured by a paper trail. The only way we can audit the results of an election is by recounting the votes that were digitally registered.

By 2021, there's no need to explain how easy it can be to simply stick a flashdrive somewhere and chance the whole content to whatever the heck you want to. Ramsonweare is there to prove it.

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Going further, the responsible for the destruction of Brazilian democratic institutions are their own members and not journalists, lawmakers or militants that shout out on social medias. A journalist, a federal lawmaker and a militant are currently under arrest in Brazil for exposing the judiciary dictatorship under way in the country.

Many of the actual 11 members of our Supreme Court promoted the widespread extrication, granted freedom to narco leaders, serial corrupt politicians, discredited the entire country's attorney's offices, invaded the competences of the executive and the legislative branches, put forward criminal inquires, which illegality would horrify any law person in this planet.

No happy, those Justices invaded, spanked and systematically raped Brazilian Constitution, the base of Brazilian society, creating unthinkable jurisprudences for the future.

A juridical instability is now a constitutional instability. There is not a single article, in our Constitution, that you can rely on to perform any civil activity in this country, for it can be revoked at any given dusk.


An unabashed political activism with a strong left ideology bias, supported by a rambling progressist rhetoric in its content and pedantic in its form, indeed brings a huge suspicion over the Brazilian electoral process.

The coexistence of a democratic narrative with an electoral process under suspicion is impossible.

The very base of democracy is at the people’s representation at the legislative and executive branches. This representation is balanced through the VOTE. Different thinking, conflicting or concurrent, fight for hearts and minds within a nation and it’s crystalized in a power mixture at the legislative houses.

This exercise is impossible if the very result of an electoral process can be tampered with, benefiting this or that interest, political bias or economic power.

Supreme Court Justice Luis Roberto Barroso shout out loud about the trustworthiness of the electoral process and the electronic ballot boxes in Brazil.

Meaning, an STF Justice, who does not bear any more credibility amongst the majority of the people can never be the guarantor of any thing, much less of a process presided by himself!


In Brazil, a judiciary branch called The Supreme Electoral Court is simultaneously the operator of the electoral process and the judge of its outcome. Something unthinkable in the American democracy, where the electoral process is conducted by an administrative, not a judiciary branch.

Brazilian judiciary system is delighted with the sweet flavor of being the victim, the police, the inquirer and the judge of its own causes. Surprising to none being fierce defenders of a system created by themselves to be judged by themselves.

Whoever can’t see the absurdities on this matter is not competent enough to live in a free democratic society.

César Cremonesi