This post may refer to COVID-19

This post may refer to COVID-19

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In these dark times of cancel culture and speech control by mainstram media, I forced myself to get into the debate. Freedom of speech and several civil rights are being severely attacked in Brazil, not only by the media, but through a paralell state installed in Brazil and captained by our own Supreme Court.

Not very different from the process that ousted former President Trump, Brazilian politicians took the covid-19 pandemics as an opportunity to weaken our President and attempts to impeach him and even to oust him through a coup d'etat have been made.

in March, 2021 I started the web portal Porphirio for articles and opinion ( as well as an YouTube channel ( intending to open a new front for the debate and the right-wing opinion.

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Finding an opportunity at Fleekus to spread our views and opinions on Brazil on a space for freedom of speech is really amazing.

The profound and complex process of subversion that Brazil is going to in the last 20 years, accelerated with a political and social instability caused by the covid-19 pandemics cannot be told in a single article.

But I will drop here major analysis on important issues from Brazil with a boots-on-the-ground point-of-view. Politics, Society, Economy and hopefully all good things Brazil after the upcoming 2022 elections, when we have the task of re-electing our president Bolsonaro as well as increase the number of right-wing congressman and state governors.

Reelection of President Bolsonaro means the installation of a liberal economical agenda proposed by the Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes, with profound tax reforms, state size reduction and privatizations. Those reforms are the bases for a brilliant future for Brazil.