Rudy Giuliani Says He Has 'Scientific' Proof Of Election Fraud To Exonerate Him

Rudy Giuliani Says He Has 'Scientific' Proof Of Election Fraud To Exonerate Him

The former lawyer for Donald Trump turbocharged his baseless claims of vote-rigging with an absolute doozy.


Rudy Giuliani on Sunday said he has new “scientific evidence” that 2020 election fraud actually happened ― and that he intends to use it to prove his innocence in the Georgia criminal case against him. (Check out the clip below.)

“There are things we didn’t present then [in 2020] because over the next couple of years, a lot of people did a lot of work and have been able to produce more witnesses and what I would call scientific evidence that is very persuasive,” said Giuliani, ex-President Donald Trump’s former lawyer who was indicted last week for allegedly conspiring with Trump and other allies to fraudulently overturn the election results in the swing state of Georgia.

On his WABC radio show, Giuliani said the case hinged on whether Trump really believed there were “sufficient ground” to argue there was a “crooked” election. “He believed it and I did,” Giuliani said in a clip shared by Raw Story.

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Giuliani, who intends to have the case moved to federal court, said the “scientific evidence” would establish that he had good reason to allege the election was fixed and to pursue action.

Giuliani’s eye-rolling declaration, after he spewed baseless claims of ballot corruption and unsuccessfully litigated them in court, followed Trump’s dubious promise to publicly present evidence that would clear his own name. Trump later canceled the news conference.

The financially strapped Giuliani faces legal challenges on several other fronts.

He is being sued by Dominion and Smartmatic for spreading B.S. that their voting services manipulated the 2020 count in President Joe Biden’s favor. The former New York City mayor is also being sued for defamation by two Georgia election workers. (He already admitted to making false and defamatory statements about them but claims they didn’t cause damage). And he has been accused by a former employee of coercing her into sex.