TUCKER CARLSON: Transparency restores faith in institutions

TUCKER CARLSON: Transparency restores faith in institutions

Fox News host Tucker Carlson decries the Democratic Party as "vicious," "intolerant," and "utterly corrupt" ahead of midterms on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."


First, the good news. The conventional view among people who follow politics is that the Democratic Party is about to suffer a humiliating repudiation in next week's midterm elections. It seems very likely as of now, that Democrats will lose both houses of Congress, and that's just the beginning of their pain.

Polls suggest that even places that supported Joe Biden by a wide margin in 2020 are about to swing dramatically against him and his party. A week from today, New York, of all places, could have a Republican governor. The last time there was an election in New York, Biden won the state by 23 points. What we're seeing is what political scientists refer to as a realignment, and there's no mystery as to why it's happening. Democrats failed conclusively. No group in American history has done a worse job running this country than the neoliberals currently in charge. They're vicious, they're intolerant and they are utterly corrupt, but above all, they are incompetent.

In less than two years, it is not an overstatement to say, they have run this country into the ground, wrecking our economy, desecrating our military and opening the borders of the United States to more than 5 million lawbreakers. The destruction they have wrought is so profound it's hard to describe. So of course, there will be consequences for that.

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In a country with democratic elections, how could this party stay in power? Honestly, we don't know, but maybe Joe Biden does. Tonight, Biden traveled across the city of Washington to Union Station. Built by Teddy Roosevelt more than 100 years ago, Union Station was for generations one of the most beautiful public buildings in this country. Under Joe Biden, it has become a homeless encampment, a place that is too filthy and too dangerous for Starbucks. Standing at this monument to his own failures, Biden proceeded to do what he now so commonly does: Bark at the rest of us for our moral failures. The guy who showered with his daughter is telling you you're a bad person. Tonight's topic: Democracy. Here's a taste of it.