The darkest days in our nation's history

My entire life I've been told that politicians were just colossal pieces of shit. As someone who's been raised to believe that people are inherently good, and not inherently bad, I've always just believed politicians are inherently good people who genuinely care, but play small games to get what they temporarily want.

But today is different. Bloodshed and violence inside the Capitol makes it different. Today is undoubtedly one of the darkest days in our nation's history.

Inside the Capitol, and outside the Capitol, you have politicians actively attempting to subvert 243 years of our precious, lasting, unique democracy. For months, they've soullessly, cynically, manipulatively taken to TV, social media, radio shows, blogs and live gatherings spreading lies ad nauseum in a deliberate effort to boil the blood of their sad, malleable followers and constituents.

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And now, today, as brainwashed citizens breached barriers, scaled walls, committed violence against fellow citizen security guards, broke windows, damaged our Capitol, and breached the Senate floor like rabid dogs out for blood, those same politicians - cowering in the secure basement of the Capitol - are now releasing statements about how this violence is unacceptable and must be stopped now.

These politicians are now officially traitors. They are treasonous. They're participants in a coup. They must be arrested and tried.

Politicians can't have it both ways. They cannot commit to breathless fealty and fellating their dictator while simultaneously condemning this predictable, sad outcome. This politician-fed chaos and violence and bloodshed has firmly placed America in the pantheon of the most primitive third world countries - the coda on a string of unforgivable embarrassments we've had to endure on the world stage for 5 arduous years.

But this isn't the coda. Not at all.

We have at least 13 more days - if not 8 more years - of civil war at hand, gleefully stoked by a pathological carnival barker who just loves the game.

Dirk DeSouza