The Spice Is Right: Swagger Approved Hot Sauces - SWAGGER Magazine

The Spice Is Right: Swagger Approved Hot Sauces - SWAGGER Magazine

The world of hot sauce is a beautiful and tasty place. It’s time to add a bit of heat to this cold winter season – heat that offers real flavor…


ATX Hot Sauce is the latest great brand out of Texas, arguably the home state of hot sauce, and in the city with the most cache, Austin. This fast-growing brand has a large stable of the more standard types and a company mantra of flavor first, with the heat level a secondary consideration. But they also have an impressive range of unique and innovative flavors that cover any taste or application.

Harmonious blends of peppers ranging from mild Poblanos and Jalapenos/Serranos, fruity Fresnos and Habaneros, all the way to insane Carolina Reapers and other super-hots; along with freshly peeled spices like ginger, cardamom and turmeric, and ingredients like pineapple, coconut, apricots, etc. With 14 flavors in total there is truly something for every hot sauce lover.

Each flavor is made with fresh blends of locally sourced vegetables (whenever possible) in small batches, and all ATX sauces are months long fermented hot sauces so no vinegars and added salt are required, just where appropriate for the particular flavor. The flavor first focus has resulted in a stellar 4.93/5 customer review rating across all platforms, and a rapidly growing social media fan base. The ATX Hot Sauce YouTube channel alone has several thousand followers and many videos with 40,000+ views! There they show exactly how each hot sauce flavor is made, and how you can make your own hot sauce with a virtual library of tips, tricks and guidance.

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We expect this brand to continue its rapid growth. No gimmicks, just great carefully crafted hot sauce. And with more and more scientific evidence of the benefits of capsaicin and fermented foods, these delicious hot sauces could even help you live longer. And enjoy the endorphins along the way of course.