Tornado Flips Small Planes, Uproots Trees in South Florida

Tornado Flips Small Planes, Uproots Trees in South Florida

Tornadoes spawned by Hurricane Ian overturned small planes, uprooted trees and unleashed more damage Tuesday evening throughout South Florida.


Several images showed small planes destroyed and turned completely upside down. Injuries have not been reported.

North Perry Airport was shut down temporarily for officials to fully assess the damage.

Tornado warnings were issued for largely Broward County as Hurricane Ian approached Florida's Gulf Coast.

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The tornado started in Miami Gardens, moved to Pembroke Pines, Miramar, and onto Cooper City, and there was damage consistent with a second possible tornado two miles southwest of Hollywood.

In one Cooper City neighborhood, a tornado pulled a massive oak tree from the ground on SW 99th Lane. The tree appeared to have snapped at the roots, before falling into the street below.

Neighbor Jeff Palmer says he wasn’t at home when strong winds swept through his neighborhood but told NBC 6 his wife was.

“I got a call, she was freaking out,” said Palmer. “She said it sounded like a train was coming by. She quickly ran, and grabbed the kids, grabbed the dog, and ran into the bathroom.”

Neighbors say no one was injured by the falling tree.