The greatest baker can be from Miami

This year's competition benefits the No Kid Hungry foundation, a 501 charity. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, one in four kids could face hunger this year. Your paid votes help us contribute to ending childhood hunger and giving kids the healthy food they need to thrive.

Bakers from all over the world are invited to compete in the world's largest online competition for bakers! The winner will receive worldwide recognition as The Greatest Baker of 2020.

Betsy Lazaro from Miami says: " Baking is how I share my love and winning would allow me into a long curated dream - having my professional and personal lives lived as one"

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What is your signature bake Betsy?

Brigadeiros, also known as Brazilian truffles. A Brazilian treat, filled with history and memories. Condensed milk, chocolate, and butter are the base for this little sweet, that comes in different variations of flavor, and that I make present in every cake, and tart I bake.

How long have you been baking?

I was 5 or 6, when I was allowed to use the stove top, to make myself chocolate pudding. Since than I haven’t stopped. In 2014, I created a page on Facebook, as a way of sharing my creations. Since 2019, I have shared this passion with all who want to learn and have a good time , through - “Baking as a Brazilian in Miami Beach” (now on standby due to COVID19).

What is your best baking secret?

My family’s recipe of Pastissets de Boniato. A Spanish crunchy and crumbly pastry spiked with sugar cane spirits, filled with a velvety sweet potato filling. Moreover, it tells the story of my family, how my grandparents and father emigrated from post-war Spain to Brazil, and recreated family traditions with ingredients that were unknown to them, such as cachaça, Brazilian liquor distilled from sugar cane. Sharing it would mean perpetuating a little piece of my family’s history.