Brooks Nader and Leyna Bloom on Their Cover Girl Moments and Best Modeling Tips

Brooks Nader and Leyna Bloom on Their Cover Girl Moments and Best Modeling Tips

The 2023 and ’21 cover stars agree that getting to connect with people is one of their favorite perks of the job.

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Five-time SI Swimsuit model Brooks Nader achieved her life-long dream of landing on the coveted magazine cover this year and it was an epic feeling—one that Leyna Bloom, who earned her historic cover as a rookie in 2021, is familiar with.

Nader, winner of the 2019 Swim Search, was photographed by James Macari in the Dominican Republic for the 2023 issue, while Bloom worked with Amanda Pratt in Dominica.

The women recently discussed the emotions that came with their cover girl moments, how they keep themselves grounded and what their fans mean to them. They also shared their best modeling advice for those just getting started in the industry.

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Surround yourself with the right people

“Having a good circle around you—good people and good friends and a support system—the people that have been with you from day one that just feel like it’s such a big win for everyone,” Nader says of her biggest strength. “That humbles you beyond, because you’re like, ‘this is more than me.’”

Bloom, an actress and activist who made history as the first transgender woman to be featured on the front of an SI Swimsuit Issue, gives a special shoutout to fans who show up and offer constant and unconditional support.

“It’s about the people that are showing up to see us. This is their life also. They have a desire to be here and I want to give them space and opportunities [and] say thank you,” she explains. “We would not be who we are if it wasn’t for those people. We would not be in this position.”

Bloom notes that she makes a conscious effort when taking photos with people or signing autographs to ask fans about themselves and show appreciation. She tries her best to make it a habit that isn’t repetitive, but rather one that’s authentic and genuine.

“It literally just takes a second to just smile and have a conversation,” the Chicago native continues. “It’s so beautiful—the fact that we get to meet so many people from different walks of life, young people, older people, all different sizes and shapes and colors and creeds. We’re being exposed to what the future looks like.”

Find your inspiration

Bloom says her tip for starting a career in the modeling industry is to do your research. The Port Authority actress studied supermodels like Iman, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.

“Don’t show up to the set and be a stiff board,” she states. “Understand what you are doing.”

Nader chimes in to note that the way she really gets in the zone on location is to draw inspiration from what she is wearing. Fashion and modeling go hand-in-hand, after all.

“When they put me in the red suit, my cover suit, I was like, ‘This is Baywatch. This is Pam Anderson. This is ’90s.’ And I just hit it with that ’90s moment,” the Baton Rouge native shares. “I was like, I’m gonna embody that character with [my] alter ego. It makes a difference.”