Dua Lipa Just Rocked the "No Trousers" Trend For Her Latest Magazine Cover

Dua Lipa Just Rocked the "No Trousers" Trend For Her Latest Magazine Cover

The 27-year-old singer fronts the newest issue of the New York Times Style magazine in a white t-shirt, two pairs of pants, tights and heels by Miu Miu.

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Last week, we came to you with the mildly terrifying news that micro shorts are officially back – and fast overtaking jorts as the bottoms of the summer. Already worn by the likes of Sophie Turner, Olivia Neill, Zendaya and Emily Ratajkowski this season, the only rule is "the shorter, the better"... And judging by some of the recent festivals we've attended, the trend is seriously catching on.

However, because fashion is all about extremes, certain people have been taking the trend to a whole new level. We see your micro shorts, and we raise you... actual pants. Yes, really.

Underwear as outerwear has been gaining traction for a while, obvs – but we have Kendall Jenner to thank for the new "no trousers" trend that's increasingly seeing celebs hit the town in just their pants. And now, we can officially say that this trend has hit the big time as Dua Lipa has only gone and fronted her latest major magazine cover in not one but TWO pairs of knickers – and very little else.

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That's right: Dua is on the front of the prestigious New York Times Style magazine sans trousers – and we're seriously into it. The 27-year-old singer can be seen rocking a full Miu Miu look on the cover, consisting of a plain white tee and grey knitted knickers layered on top of a pair of white briefs, and paired with transparent black tights and patent black mules. Let's just say, if we're expected to start wearing our undies out, this is exactly how we'd like to do it. Très chic, non?

And it looks like rocking no trousers on magazine covers is becoming a trend in itself... Because just a few days ago, none other than the icon Kylie Minogue fronted the latest issue of Perfect in nothing but a thong leotard, transparent tights and red-soled Louboutins.

Now *this* is a trend we can really get on board with.