Large fire breaks out at Hollywood Bowl following singalong concert

Large fire breaks out at Hollywood Bowl following singalong concert

Firefighters responded to a blaze that occurred at the Hollywood Bowl as attendees were leaving the venue. It remains unclear what caused the fire.


Trees caught fire at the Hollywood Bowl as people were leaving following a "Sound of Music" singalong Saturday evening.

The Los Angeles Fire Department quickly arrived at the scene and rushed to put out a small cluster of palm trees that had caught on fire. LAFD asked the California Highway Patrol to close a lane of traffic.

LAFD wrote on Twitter that the venue was not endangered, and no injuries were reported. The department said the fire only involved vegetation.

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"That somewhat stubborn fire near the @HollywoodBowl, our 1,423rd emergency of the day, thankfully involves only vegetation, and has not risen to the level of issuing an @LAFD ALERT," LAFD wrote.

One concertgoer, Twitter user @ScotyAppleseed told, Fox News Digital, "I am praying that everyone is safe. [L]ots of families with kiddos go to that sing along event - that was scary!"

The cause of the fire was not immediately known and attendees said flames appeared out of nowhere.

"I don’t know what caused it [because] as I was walking out it wasn’t or didn’t seem to be burning - didn’t notice it until [I] was walking down near the hotels just south of the bowl," @ScotyAppleseed told Fox News Digital, adding that "someone said it was near the tunnel so apparently across the street."