5 of the Most Adventurous Photos of Tennis Pro Genie Bouchard in Aruba

5 of the Most Adventurous Photos of Tennis Pro Genie Bouchard in Aruba

Four-wheeling through the tropics.

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Canadian professional tennis player Genie Bouchard made her debut with SI Swimsuit in Turks and Caicos in 2017. The following year, the 29-year-old followed up her rookie feature with another one in the Caribbean island of Aruba, and she took the opportunity to step it up a notch.

She had assistance curating the perfect poses from photographer James Macari, who helped Bouchard reach new heights in the photos. The tennis player was very complimentary of Macari while on set.

“James is so chill, but at the same time he is able to give me some guidance,” she said while in the Caribbean. “I can definitely take that and definitely do my own thing.”

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Bouchard was grateful for the guidance because her second brand feature brought some “quite physical” poses, she remarked. But with some experience under her belt, she was also much more prepared the second time posing for the publication.

“I definitely feel much more comfortable this time around and I feel like I can just be myself,” she said, highlighting the greater freedom she felt on set in Aruba. “I’m just trying to have fun and trying to work hard because it is very hard work.”

During Bouchard’s first photoshoot, she “was definitely more nervous,” which she believed kept her from reaching her full potential. But in 2018, she definitely took it “to the next level,” she said.

Below are five of the best and most adventurous photos from Bouchard’s time in Aruba.