This post may refer to COVID-19

This post may refer to COVID-19

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Brazilians want to work and they need to work. Those who run their own small businesses, such as mini-marts in small villages that also serve as bars and restaurants, cannot afford to close down for a month. Many of them are part of the informal economy, practically of the state’s radar.

Higher unemployment creates risks that go beyond the demand shock of little business and consumer spending.

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Covid-19 is three times less lethal in Brazil than in Italy

Brazil confirmed 29039 confirmed cases. Total of deaths: 1760 - total recovered 14.030. The lethality rate of the disease is 6.1%.

For Brazil, one of the bigger problems is that informal economy accounts for roughly 35% of GDP. Around a third of the Brazilian working class are considered poor.

BNP Paribas is estimating that 15 out of 25 emerging market sovereigns are at risk. Brazil will go from BB+ to BB. India from BBB+, investment grade, to BBB, still investment grade.

More than 600,000 small businesses closed their doors in Brazil due to the pandemic.

"Between dying of viruses and a larger portion that could die of hunger, depression and suicide, there is a very big difference," said President Bolsonaro.

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