Watch A Marine Land on a Speeding Ship Using a Jetpack

Watch A Marine Land on a Speeding Ship Using a Jetpack

The Gravity Industries' video shows Royal Marines giving the now-famous flying jet suit a test run.

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A video has surfaced from Gravity Industries showcasing a Maritime Boarding Operation exercise from the Royal Marines where the now-famous jet suit is being trialed. We must admit the video does get us excited about the possibilities of the futuristic suit for getting on board boats.

The suit provides an alternative to using a helicopter and fast-roping which is a method that leaves the marines vulnerable to attacks and significantly slows down the exercise. The jet suit allows the marines to fly over the boats and land on the ship quickly, swiftly, and with precision.

"The vision with the Jet Suit is to provide extremely rapid access to any part of the target vessel, instantly freeing up hands to bear a weapon, and even retaining the capability to relocate on target or self-exfiltrate," Gravity Industries said in a news release.