? LeBron's Wife Savannah Smacks Him After Ignoring Her About Vows

? LeBron's Wife Savannah Smacks Him After Ignoring Her About Vows

LeBron James felt the full wrath of his wife after the Lakers star laughed about Savannah asking about their vows.


Behind every successful man is a woman. There are few more successful men in all of sports than Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, so to some extent, you can say that Savannah James also happens to be a great wife. The logic may be a bit flawed, admittedly, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to dispute this fact. Just ask LeBron.

One random afternoon, LeBron James was just busy showing off his new tracksuit on Instagram. Savannah was sitting right beside him and she decided to ask The King about their plans for their upcoming wedding vow renewals. James shrugged off the topic and started laughing at his wife. It was a huge mistake:

Savannah rolled her eyes when LeBron almost mockingly told her that they “could do whatever you want.” Mrs. James obviously didn’t like LeBron’s tone and the fact that he kept filming their mini squabble. It was at that point that Savannah decided to smack LeBron’s phone right off his hand.

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To be fair to LeBron James, he was still brave enough to upload this video on Instagram for public consumption. I guess it goes to show that this was nothing but a minor misunderstanding. Either way, it’s absolutely hilarious — for us at least. Probably not as much for LeBron.