25 minutes of morning laughter on Mr. nonsense

We would be really happy to say that this video is fictional, or some off-camera bloopers, but no, it isn't. That is a 25 minutes video of Mr. Joe Biden - former vice-president and the Democrats party candidate to take Trump's job at the White House - trying to do simple things, like talking to people.

Question is: do the candidates take any kind of psychological testing before applying for the job? I'm not saying that he would fail it, but maybe Biden would have a hard time passing it, though.

This video was released a few days ago (8/03) by the GOP. We hope it makes you laugh and also think seriously about the elections late this year.

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Disclaimer: The original video has more length (46 minutes) but we had to cut it shorter because it's just too embarrassing to watch for that long and we think it's best to avoid any brain damage on the audience.

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