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Reward! For photos of spider-man

With local judiciary system "collapsing" and 11 shootings in 12 hours - one of those on East Harlem which ended up having a 7 y' old child getting shot in the leg - New York is in need of some more effective support to combat crime and restore some peace during this crazy times that our country is going through.

Fictional Bugle wants to get more information about our visitor and we want to try to bring to his attention our shaky public security situation. Some of the reports coming from West Village area says that he's been helping people out of risky situations, but we cannot confirm that information since the cops haven't registered criminal activity in the area this week.

As the number of sighting reports builds up, the city has become curious about our new friend. Where does he live? Does he have friends in town? Anybody can positively id the subject? Can he really help New York?

Help us get to him by sending photos and info about spider-man to the email address [email protected] True and quality material will be rewarded* by the Bugle and we will publish it**, so the whole city gets to knows who he is.

The Weather today (06/26) in NY:

Partly Cloudy 86/72 degrees - 15% chance of rain in the afternoon


** true, we will publish it

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