Who is spider-man?

At the same time that the United States is facing popular uprisings initiated after the cowardly assassination of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman - which led to public property destruction and people getting assaulted by rage-fueled groups claiming to be anti-fascists (Antifa) - we have been hearing multiple reports from New Yorkers about a figure crossing between buildings near Columbia University in Manhattan. But... that figure wasn't walking, it was swinging from one building to the next on what looks like a spider's web.

Wow ?? What did you just say? A spider web?

That’s right, dear reader! Some sort of human-sized spider seems to be visiting our city and no one is sure about what this creature is up to. Is it with the rioters? Or maybe it’s just some sort of crazy people delusionary vision? Maybe our citizens are trying so hard to believe that somebody will come to help and they’re starting to see things flying/hanging around.

The fact is that nobody has a clue and, not to spread negative thoughts but, no one is willing to take chances on this, risking more than is already on the line with the kung-flu and all the riots. Does Mr. Trump or the governor Cuomo have any plans to deal with it? Hopefully, they do!

Fictional Bugle will keep you updated on this strangely odd, yet familiar, story.

The Weather today (06/25) in NY:

Mostly Sunny 86/70 degrees - 15% chance of rain in the afternoon.

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