It happened YESTERDAY, Oct 14

On October 14, 2020, what happened, although it was not the first time, left no doubt about the two largest social networks worldwide intentions. With clear political purposes, Facebook and Twitter removed all posts that referred to an article in the New York Post that clearly and indisputably exposed the involvement of Hunter Biden, son of US presidential candidate Joe Biden, with an Ukrainian energy company. Although in normal situations, this type of lobby could even be contextualised to make the whole news a “hoax”, the content of the emails published in the article puts Joe Biden, still as vice president, directly involved in the negotiations for the benefit of his son and family.

In part 2 of that story, today (10/15) the NYPost published more emails, now addressing Biden's involvement with China.

The point of this article is not what Biden did or didn't do - although this is extremely disturbing especially for Americans - but the explicit censorship by those two social media regarding Biden's getting exposed by NYPost. The difference between what happened yesterday and what has been happening systematically in the last few months is that important accounts have been blocked, such as that of the White House Press Sec., and this time, the two networks did not even bother to explain the inexplicable.

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It is clear that the intention was political and not a removal of fake news, as the article proves what it reports by publishing personal emails exchanged between those involved and taken from an abandoned computer at a Delaware computer repair shop. Pieces of evidence that cannot be considered illegal, since the possession of the equipment passed to the store owner after a certain number of days without the notebook being picked up or claimed. Nothing came from hacking or information theft.

This trend to censor people from publishing or sharing content only when that goes against left-wing interests has become more clear to everyone in the last months and this is a concern that must be taken seriously. This is so loud right now that it kind of backfired. And just like traditional media, the already established social media (Facebook and Twitter) are gradually starting to lose their credibility as well.

It's a great opportunity for new media, those with no political ties, claim their share of the market. We hope that today, will be different and shares of NYPost article part 2 will not be removed.

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