6 Breathtaking Photos of Rookie Sixtine in Dominica

6 Breathtaking Photos of Rookie Sixtine in Dominica

Social media influencer and model posed for the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue making her debut in the magazine.

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Self-proclaimed body neutrality influencer Sixtine kicked off her rookie year in this year's SI Swimsuit issue. After working in both the social media industry as well as the modeling industry, Sixtine is focused on using her platform to spread her message and encourage others to love their bodies the way they are regardless of shape and size.

“Our bodies are not there to look a certain way or be aesthetic, they’re there to provide for us and allow us to live our lives,” Sixtine told SI. “It allows me to swim, it allows me to travel, it allows me to come on all these adventures and do things. It allows me to live in New York City, where it’s a lot of walking and a lot of steps and a lot of like carrying your groceries all by yourself with just your hands.”

After manifesting a SI Swimsuit appearance with her vision board prior to landing her rookie role, the Brussels-born model traveled down to Dominica for her photo shoot.

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After realizing certain limitations with body positivity, Sixtine turned to embracing and encouraging body neutrality. For the NYU alumna, this meant not forcing herself to love her insecurities but to simply acknowledge what our bodies can do and accepting it.

“I discovered body neutrality, which is basically, instead of focusing on loving my stretch marks, I can appreciate the fact that my stretch marks are there because I am growing. I’m a growing person, I don’t stay tiny forever,” Sixtine said. “Or mothers who have stretch marks—your body created an entire human. That is insane, of course [your body has] stretched, like that makes sense, you know? And so we don't have to love them, we can just acknowledge that our bodies are there.”

For Sixtine, having the ability to be an SI Swimsuit rookie allows for her to champion for the thing that matters the most to her and hopes to be a positive representation to others.

Link Below are six of our favorite photos from her 2023 rookie photo shoot in Dominica.