Watch experience moon gravity at 30,000 feet in new mini-documentary out June 7

Watch experience moon gravity at 30,000 feet in new mini-documentary out June 7's reporter Tereza Pultarova takes part in a research flight simulating lunar gravity in this original documentary.

Science & Tech's senior writer Tereza Pultarova can attest to that, having recently flown on a special flight designed to simulate the lower gravity of the moon for scientific research and astronaut training. Pultarova experienced lunar gravity during what's known as a parabolic flight, during which an aircraft performs a series of steep climbs and dives that create short periods of reduced gravity or even weightlessness. The aviators and crewmembers of these flights are some of the best test pilots the world has to offer.

To share the experience, is releasing a brand new documentary "Walking on the moon at 30,000 feet! trains like an astronaut in wild ride." The original film follows Tereza on her first lunar gravity parabolic flight during which she got to witness European Space Agency (ESA) astronauts testing new technologies designed for the moon.

You can watch the documentary on's homepage or on our YouTube channel starting at 11 a.m. ET (1500 GMT) on Wednesday (June 7). After the premiere, you can join our Q&A session with Tereza and the European Space Agency's parabolic flight coordinator Neil Melville.

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To learn more about the parabolic flight and the making of the film, spoke with Tereza about what it was like to experience lunar gravity and get to witness ESA astronauts train for the moon.