Ethereal Tower with 99 Floating Islands Designed For Shenzhen, China

Ethereal Tower with 99 Floating Islands Designed For Shenzhen, China

The designs for a huge floating structure on the bay of Shenzhen's Qianhaiwan area have been unveiled by Sou Fujimoto Architects.

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Sou Fujimoto Architects has revealed the designs for a massive floating tower on the bay of Shenzhen's Qianhaiwan district after a competition was held to design a landmark tower in the region that has lately experienced enormous urban and architectural developments, per Yanko Design.

The judges of the New City Center Landmark competition chose not to award a "First Prize," instead positioning the second place with the top rank, which was won by Sou Fujimoto Architects for their floating water tower which was designed to address the questions of "What does a new ‘tower’ mean in the 21st Century?" and "How can a tower evolve while continuing to attract attention, as the Eiffel tower does?"

The proposed tower is 880 feet (268 meters) tall and is made up of 99 individual tower-like pieces that are joined by a strong horizontal plane in the top section and gradually fade away as they descend, giving the impression that they are floating in the air.

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It is simultaneously a single tower and a collection of towers, symbolizing the "future of societies in an age of diversity."

The tower is designed to be mostly made of steel, carbon fiber, Kevlar Rope, and concrete, with a peripherally located steel truss system with Kevlar tension cables maintaining the cores' balance.

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