How to Grow Your Business on Instagram | SWAGGER Magazine

How to Grow Your Business on Instagram | SWAGGER Magazine

Here, we’ll explore how to grow your business on Instagram. These seven tips will help you build your brand and take your company to the next level!


These days, Instagram is everything—the addictive social media platform is as popular as ever. But it’s not just individuals who make the most of Instagram. Businesses also thrive through engagement, activity, and staying on-trend. Here, we’ll explore how to grow your business on Instagram. These seven tips will help you take your company to the next level!

Seven Key Points:

Create an Instagram business profile

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Ensure your online presence is powerful

Form mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships

Create an eye-catching bio

Make the most of Instagram ads

Giveaways and promos are effective

Stand out from the pack


There’s a difference between an Instagram business profile and a personal profile. Before you do anything, ensure you create a business profile so that you have access to Instagram’s business features.


Your consistency is the key to keeping your audience interested in your posts and building an overall presence on Instagram. You need to stay up to date and show the Instagram world that you’re on the ball and eager to engage. Here are some ways to stay active on Instagram:

Share your business’s story as it develops

Post photos of day-to-day activities

Interact with your fans as they comment

Use relevant and popular hashtags

Follow your metrics (which Instagram can provide) to learn when your followers are most likely to view and interact with. Adjust your posts and schedule future posts accordingly

Use Instagram Live and Stories for added attention, especially when you have something super interesting to share or want to make an instant impact on your audience

Managing an Instagram account means being available more than once a day, so perhaps you can hire someone devoted to your social media management, strategies, and campaigns.


Make connections with Instagram influencers who can help you boost your business thanks to their many devoted followers. Reach out to social media “stars” as well as celebrities who may have interest in your business. Offer incentives for them to share your content. All it takes is one post from someone successful to make a huge change in the trajectory of your business.

You can also cross-promote with other businesses in complementary industries to increase your followers and gain customers. Find experts in your field to verify your authenticity and quality.


Keep your Instagram bio short and sweet, but make sure it reflects your brand, voice, and overall mission. Those who come to your page want to know who you are without confusion. You can be creative but consider your audience and their attention. They will only spend a few seconds reading your bio, so make it strong. Include a link to your website and an image that matches your brand.


Paid ads are a large part of Instagram. Use your budget to your advantage by creating sponsored ads to attract a wider audience. Base your ads on past posts that were highly effective. You can spend as little or as much as you want on these ads, so start off conservatively and see what works.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? Every now and then, tempt your followers with a giveaway, which will increase engagement as well as shares. You can also post coupon codes for Instagram users only. Make it fun and interactive, and be sure to announce winners so your followers know you’re legit.


When your content is ever-changing and exciting, your followers will stay attentive and involved. Your photos should be crisp and clear, comments should be clever, and the page’s overall aesthetic needs to be A+. Boring simply won’t cut it. Ask yourself what makes your company unique. What differentiates you from other businesses in your field? When you can project this successfully, you’ll stand out.

Start Growing Your Business!

Now that you know how to grow your business on Instagram, get started today! With these seven tips, you can build your brand to gain credibility, capture new customers, and maintain a great relationship with the customers you already have. Social media can be a big part of your business’s success, so don’t cut any corners and be sure to put in the effort to make your Instagram presence outstanding.