Will artificial intelligence ever be a threat to human kind?

This is the article I wrote for the University of Cambridge, with the theme "Will artificial intelligence ever be a threat to human kind?". This article gave me the opportunity to take a Computer Science course at Cambridge, but I didn't go because I didn't have the money to pay for the course!

The father of computing, Alan Turing, said that if a machine or computer mimicked the behavior or responses of a human being thus causing another human not to know whether he is talking to a machine or a human, it could prove that machines think. It may seem strange, but Turing's statement can be applied to today very easily. Currently, anything around us in its production or modification process was directly or indirectly necessary to use a machine or computer in its execution, they are taking more space in our personal lives and industries, especially in the use of Artificial Intelligences that are being used as “tools” to accomplish a goal. The potential of this technology is uncertain, in the future this technology can be used as a boon to the human race, or perhaps it is its downfall as it is portrayed in many movies. What would be the most likely scenario to happen?

According to Why the West Rules For Now, machines have affected the way we live since the late 18th century, at that time we had an increase in world population, quality of life, and the increased use of machines to do people's work, and this continues to this day. The book The Second Machine Age presents that computers were once people who did calculations manually, they took space from many jobs that were once quite common, actually, many functions were and are replaced since the Industrial Revolution to the present day as technology advances, however, new ones were emerging in the most diverse areas.

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A great fear of the human race is that machines get smarter than they are, thus reaching the singularity, Nick Bostom in his book Superintelligence presents that super artificial intelligence could surpass human beings in the speed of performing operations per second and in the creation of a system where several intellectually inferior parts would work collectively, so she would already be smarter than a human being, which would prevent her alone from learning to hack systems, or manipulating humans to act in her favor, or spreading her code in a way that we can't detect, or even wait until we let down our guard and attack? Although this scenario is scary, we cannot rule out these possibilities, however, we cannot rule out how this technology is already present today.

Many do not consider that the safest airplane flight is that of artificial intelligence and a human co-pilot, or that the best diagnosis is that of artificial intelligence and a doctor, or that the best chess player is artificial intelligence and a human. There are people who see this scenario as the extinction of our species, but if we see it from the other side, we are privileged to witness a new technological revolution that gives us and will give us so many benefits and that will be a consequence of the joint work between humans and machines. This is the future!

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