Flood risk is increasing for Florida

As sea levels rise and and weather patterns change, flood risks will increase. Approximately 2,923,411 properties are already at risk

in Florida, and within 30 years, about 3,424,205 will be at risk.

Flood risks are increasing because of the environment.

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A changing environment means higher seas, new weather patterns, and stronger storms. As the atmosphere warms, there is more evaporation and more water available when it rains.

A warmer atmosphere also means warmer oceans, which can intensify flooding from hurricanes and offshore storms. Sea level rise also increases coastal flood risks, as higher seas mean there's more water available when high tides and coastal storms cause flooding.

Flood Factors across Florida.

A property's Flood Factor is an indicator of its comprehensive flood risk, ranging from 1 (minimal) to 10 (extreme). Properties with higher Flood Factors are more likely to flood.

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