Indonesia's Mount Semeru Erupts Sending Citizens Into a Panic

Indonesia's Mount Semeru Erupts Sending Citizens Into a Panic

The volcano also erupted last January.


Indonesia's Mount Semeru has erupted, according to a Tweet by BNO News. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center has also issued a warning stating that the volcanic eruption has created a volcanic ash plume of an estimated 40,000ft (12,192 meters).

The Twitter post shows terrified residents fleeing from the scene. The eruption took place at around 2.50 pm local time (Lumajang City, East Java — GMT +7).

Additional videos shared on social media show the region plunged into complete darkness as ash clouds became so dense that all sunlight cannot pass through. Other footage appears to show lava eviscerating a bridge that connects Lumajang City with nearby Malang City.

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This destruction was further confirmed by Reuters quoting Thoriqul Haq, district head of Lumajang, saying the bridge was indeed ravaged and nothing that: “This has been a very pressing, rapid condition since it erupted”. Luckily, no other damage to buildings was reported, the country's disaster mitigation agency (BNPB) said in a statement.