Sunbeam Television buys North Bay Village waterfront site next to Channel 7 for $13.5M

Friday, April/16, Sunbeam Television Corp., owner of WSVN-Channel 7, bought property “Trio on The Bay” - 1601 79th Street Causeway, Miami Beach, FL 33141 next to the TV station in North Bay Village for $13.5 million - 1 acre lot from BrickGroupUSA.

This is the third big Sunbeam acquisition in North Bay Village this year.

In February the company purchased 2 acres at 1555 North Bay Causeway for $14 million.

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In March, 11 they bought a property next to the TV station for $29 million.

The sale was brokered by Beachfront Realty, brokers Marilina Apefelbaum, Gabriela Ghilino and Samuel Heskiel.

In a handshake, Andy Ansin, CEO of Channel 7 Fox and Leo Macedo, President of BrickGroupUSA, sealed the agreement.

Rafael Marinho, CEO of JG Seven, a partner of the property and Raisa Sathler of BrickGroupUSA participated in the meeting.

The small municipality of North Bay Village along Kennedy Causeway has seen some sales activity in recent years.

Picture: Andy Ansin, CEO channel 7 Fox, Marilina Apefelbaum and Leo Macedo, President of BrickGroupUSA.