The Newly-Discovered Canadian Cave Big Enough to Fit the Statue of Liberty: What They’ve Found After 2 Years Study

Further details of a recently-discovered cave in Wells Gray Prov. Park in British Columbia indicate the opening was revealed by climate warming.


Just south of Alaska in British Columbia, Canada, amid the rugged countryside of Wells Gray Provincial Park, the entrance to a cave was discovered in 2018 that was so vast it could comfortably fit the entire Statue of Liberty in the antechamber.

Reporting on the discovery at the time, GNN covered an interview with John Pollack, an archeological surveyor and governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He explained to Canadian Geographic the enormity of his expedition’s find.

“The opening is 100 meters long by 60 meters wide, and when you’re standing on the edge looking down into it, your line of sight is nearly 600 feet [183 meters],” added Pollack. “You don’t get lines of sight of 600 feet in Canadian caves — it just doesn’t happen. And this is a shaft. It goes down quite precipitously, it had a large amount of water flowing into it and is wide open for as far down (as) we’ve gone.”