23 U.S. Cities That Go All Out for the Holidays

23 U.S. Cities That Go All Out for the Holidays

Wondering where to go for Christmas? From Austin to Washington, D.C., these are the best places to spend Christmas in the U.S.


Europe might get most of the hype during the holiday season (those Christmas markets are pretty great), but there are plenty of festive cities right here in the U.S. And while we'd recommend visiting them any time of the year, the below cities seem to shine just a little bit brighter (in many cases, quite literally) during the Christmas season. Whether they're New England towns with major storybook vibes, or some of the country's biggest and brightest metropolises, celebrating in these cities is worth going out of your way for. And let's face it: You haven't really experienced Christmas cheer until you see it through the shiny lens of Las Vegas.

From Austin to Washington, D.C., here's where to go for Christmas in the U.S. As always, remember to read up on local travel restrictions before hitting the road this year—or, plan ahead for next year's holiday season.

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