Brazilian arquitect Nayara Macedo trailblazing on the US market

Rio’s arquitect Nayara Macedo, alumni from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, has a new home! After 15 years in charge of the office that bears her name in the capital of Rio, Nayara has accepted the invitation from the American company BrickGroupUSA, ba- sed in Miami, to manage the group’s new sector of Interior Design and Decor.

With an extensive portfolio, the architect has already participated in important decoration shows, such as the Rio edition of “Morar Mais Por Menos”, and has been following a suc- cessful trajectory, with recognized prominence in the Brazilian media. Her projects, in Rio and Miami, have already been published in press vehicles such as “Casa Vogue”, “Casa e Jardim” and “O Globo”.

Her work’s signature is the personalized service and full dedication to each step of the process. Her projects are timeless, clean, modern and with accessible ideas and a lot of creativity

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“I am increasingly seeking the indoor-outdoor integration and resources that enhance the well-being that nature provides, such as the abundant presence of natural light and stone textures.”

Nayara also has expertise in the real estate market, where she served as technical direc- tor of a large company in the industry. It was precisely this experience that ended up brin- ging the architect to Miami.

Due to this experience, Nayara was invited by the American company BrickGroupUSA to help with two major projects, both in Miami, designed by the renowned architect Kobi Karp. One of them is a condo hotel “The Edge on Brickell”, on the Miami River, in Downtown. The other is “Trio on the Bay”, in North Bay Village, a mixed-use boutique condo. “My mis- sion is to be at the forefront of this new design sector of the company, helping in its struc- turing and solidification and seeking partnerships, suppliers and qualified professionals in the field. I also act as a liaison for the group's investors who are in Brazil as well as interior design and home staging work for the Group's properties, partners and new clients.

Her office receives different demands and presents solutions that are appropriate to each context. With the exception of large developments, most of the clients who come to us are Brazilian investors who want a “second home” in the USA.

Even after her address change, Nayara decided to maintain her office in Rio de Janeiro, to serve her clients in person, on previously scheduled dates. “We are very happy for this amazing opportunity and for the professional challenge to start over and spread Brazilian creativity and design in foreign lands. After all, flying is not only for those with wings, but also for those with dreams to fulfill. If someone is setting up or renovating their space, we will be present to serve and live that dream together, no matter what its size and location ”, jokes the architect, who is fascinated by the children's universe and well known for desig- ning super creative, functional and innovative baby rooms. Nayara also points out that she continues to develop projects and online consultancies for the whole world.