Lucky Cat Gets His Own 'Mini SeaWorld' After Owner Spends $2,400 Turning Fish Tank Into Underwater Peep Show – LOOK

Lucky Cat Gets His Own 'Mini SeaWorld' After Owner Spends $2,400 Turning Fish Tank Into Underwater Peep Show – LOOK

Jasper the Siamese cat in Ohio has an amaing fish tank with an underwater viewing chamber. His owner Krieger built it for $2,400.

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This curious cat is living the dream after his owner splashed out £1,800 ($2,400) transforming his fish tank into a ‘mini SeaWorld’—so he can spend every day pawing at the fish through an underwater viewing chamber.

Jasper the Siamese cat used to spend hours entranced by Melissa Krieger’s exotic pets as he gazed through the saltwater enclosure from a dining room chair.

When the 53-year-old’s fish supplier Jason Hering was cleaning the tank late last year, the pair devised a plan to build a unique design so the intrigued feline could feel he’s underwater too.

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Jason, who cleans Melissa’s multiple tanks every fortnight, spent 16 hours molding the new tank’s see-through acrylic panes and building its wooden base before fitting it in December.

Adorable viral footage shows three-year-old Jasper sitting upright on a cushion beneath the purpose-built acrylic case with only his head poking through a cube-shaped hatch.

The mesmerized kitty looks up and around the tank at the array of colorful fish and he even paws at the hatch to try and touch the tropical pets—just like a child at an aquarium.

Mom-of-four Melissa shared her video at the end of January on Facebook, and since then it’s been widely shared racking up more than 10 million views.

She insists of the 125-gallon tank that “it’s definitely been worth the money” to keep her “easily bored” feline occupied.

Melissa, from Cincinnati in Ohio, said, “It’s great to see him so happy because you’ve got to stimulate their brains.

Of the steep cost she said, “You spend that much on a TV and this is like a TV for cats. As soon as we feed the fish, he comes running. He’s living the dream.”

Describing Jasper’s first experience with the tank, she said, “His eyes just got huge when he looked up and saw the parrotfish and they were staring back at him. That’s what made him want to go inside it more.”

Now the videos of Jasper have gone internet-famous, here’s what commenters have been saying:

Lizzie Beth: “This is the most amazing aquarium modification, EVER!!!!”

Vicki Pedeferri: “Great idea! Keep your feline entertained all day.”