They've Turned a VW Bus Into a Livable Pontoon Boat

They've Turned a VW Bus Into a Livable Pontoon Boat

Ever-conscious of classic styles, an Italian design firm have used some of the most iconic cars to make boat hulls.

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An Italian design studio is making a line of small river and lake boats inspired by some of the best classic cars ever made.

The models are super-accurately rendered from fiberglass, and mounted to a vide variety of pontoon shapes and sizes to go with your local freshwater source—whether a wide choppy lake or a narrow and silent canal.

Floating Motors by Studio Lazzarini has a lineup which appears to feature an old Mini, what could be an E-type Jag, an American muscle car, one of Bond’s Aston Martins (perhaps the DB5), an old Merc, a Lamborghini Countach, and even a great big VW Bus.

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Their introductory offering is called La Dolce, and the shape reminds this reporter of a Nissan Figaro that almost ran him over in Galway one time.

They also take custom orders, so if there’s a particular cult classic-car you like, they’ll take care of the rest.

Currently the company is raising capital, and taking investments with big kickbacks if they manage to get enough to launch.